St.joseph Convent School

Discipline Rules for the Students


  1. All the students shall make themselves acquainted with the rules and regulations notified for their conduct.Ignorance of the rules will not be accepted as an excuse for their violation.
  2. Running,playing or shouting inside the school building is not allowed.When passing along the corridors during class hours,students shall keep silence.
  3. At the first bell the pupils should stand,wherever they are. At the second bell,they should move IN SILENCE to line up in their proper places for the school assembly.
  4. Personal cleanliness and hygiene is highly recommended to all.The students should be particularly careful not to throw any papers ,waste,etc anywhere in the school premises.They should use the baskets and bins especially provided for this purpose.
  5. Pupils from one class are not allow to visit their friends in any other classrooms during the recess or other periods .Grounds are provided for the same.
  6. SILENCE must be observed in the corridors,outside the Principal’s office and the stairs during class hours.There should be NO TALKING at the change of periods.
  7. When the students go for assembly,P.T. classes moving along the corridors and when changing classes they must walk in SILENCE.
  8. No child will be excused from games and P.T. unless a medical certificate is produced.
  9. Pupils are strictly forbidden to write or make any remarks on wall or any part of the school premises or on furniture.Any pupil found guilty of damaging the school property will be suspended and liable to pay for the damages.
  • All students must regularly attend school in full School Uniform.
  • All are expected to speak English in the School Premises.
  • Pupils should be docile ,punctual,clean,neat and hardworking.Every student shall maintain a high standard of discipline inside as well as outside the school.
  • Students should take care of their personal belongings.The school authorities do not accept any responsibility of loss books,clothes,money,tiffin carrires and etc.
  • Exchange of articles or money transactions between students are not allowed.
  • Pupils are expected to keep the school premises clean and should not destroy any plants or flowers or litter up the places.Dustbins are provided for use.
  • Pupils should bring to thr class all necessaey text books and note books according to the time table.
  • Presents to teachers or other demonstrations in their honour are not allowed in the school without proper permission from the school.
  • The school reserves right to dismiss a student who is irrgrular in attendance,whose progress in studies is steadily unsatisfactory or whose conduct in the school or outside is harmful to other students or whose guardians show little interest in the progress of their ward.
  • Discourtesy and disrespect to the members of the school in any form will be viewed seriously and students responsible for such misbehaviours are liable to be dismissed.
  • Students are allowed to bring textbooks and notebooks according to time table.Extra PT shoes tution books,or any other items found in the school bag will not be returned to students.Weightage of the school bag is serious concern of the school management.