St.joseph Convent School

Aims and Objectives of Avila kindergarten

Aims and Objectives of Avila Kindergarten

1.As it is noted above , Avila Kindergarten aims at the integral development of the child into a “fully human and fully alive” person.


2.The motto of the school inscribed in the emblem Educate –> Motivate –> and Illuminate . Vidya [Knowledge] is divine and salvific in so far as it is for the integral development of the person and the human society as a whole.Education brings the best in him/her.School thus becomes the field where the students tries and hears and moves ahead so as to finally succeed in life.

                         In short,the following are the AIMS AND OBJECTIVES of the School: 

  • Intellectual Competence :- Our student should exhibit mastery and leadership relative to their age,ability and subject of study ; acquire intellectual skills and understanding which go beyond the examination requirements.
  • To provide a comprehensive education so as to develop in the children a sound character and a balanced personality.
  • Moral uprightness:- The student has to discern(recognize),the values that uphold the dignity of human person from those that degrade and has to assimilate(understand fully) a sound value system.They should also develop moral courage and “fearfulness”,be able to make normal judgements and can translate them into action.
  • To mould the children with keen sense discipline,responsibility,initiative ,self reliance and integrity.