St.Joseph Convent School (CBSE) , Bilakhed

  Affiliated to CBSE – DELHI  No.- 1130185

School Code  No.- 30134

Admission open for KG to VII  the academic Year 2021-2022 

                 Admission forms are available in the office

Welcome to St. Joseph Convent School (CBSE)

ST. JOSEPH our heavenly patron bless and protect us; keep us always in the right way and guide us to the truth that alone can enrich our life.

The motto of the school inscribed in the emblem Educate -> Motivate -> and Illuminate. Vidya [Knowledge] is divine and salvific in so far as it is for the integral development of the person and the human society as a whole. Education brings the best in him/her. School thus becomes the field where the students try and hear and move ahead so as to finally succeed in life. 


Academic year 2021-22

Encouranging, supporative and humane facillitator in teaching learning situations who enables students to discover their talents to realized their physical and intellectual potentialities to the fullest, to develope character and disriable social and humane values to function us responsible citizens.

Cbse exam

CBSE Board Examination Result 2020-21 is announced on 3rd August 2021, Hearty Congratulations to all X Students.

10th Board

There are 79 students at St. Joseph Convent School for the year 2021-22. P1 Examination is completed.

Latest Update

E-Fest Anokha 2021 is held on 27 or 29 May for Grade VI to X. Their are many students are participating in event.

Latest Update

We have organised World Environmental Day Collage making competition for Grade V to X

Latest Update

We have organised E-Maths Tricks competiton TALENTIA 2021 for students of Grade VI to X on 15 June.

Latest Update

We have started online classes from 1 June 2021 for Grade I to X.

Latest Update

Inaugural Ceremony of Academic year 2021-22 for Avila Kindergarten children will begin from 8 June to 10 June 2021.

Respected Parents, Teachers and my beloved students.

Greetings from Sr.Ligy Plathottathil

   I am happy to see you all working hard for examinations. Do your best in exams and we, the teachers and parents are happy to see you excel in life.

   Due to COVID -19 pandemic we all are working in digital platform today ,using multiple teaching learning resources.

   These days you will be frequent in using pencils and erasers.Pencil said ; I’m sorry eraser .” “For what”? You didn’t do anything wrong”; Pencil continued I,m sorry because you get hurt because of me. Whenever I made a mistake you are always there to erase it. You make my mistakes vanish , and you become smaller and smaller each time! Eraser consoled ; “that is true . But I don’t mind it. I was made to help you whenever you do something wrong. I’m happy with my assigned work.

   Dear children , all parents and teachers are like erasers. Parents and teachers are always there as a protective sheath in order to clean out and conceal your mistakes.

   When the eraser becomes very small you will replace with a new one . But the eraser is happy that it has done it’s duties. They have occupied a place on the ends of the pencil not to criticize but to serve . Parents and teachers are always happy with what they do for their children. They will always get hurt seeing their precious ones being sad.

Children are like pencils, they keep writing . You might have noticed that toddlers like scribbling . It is through the guidance of parents and teachers they become master in the skill of writing. When we are young , we don’t know what to do but as we grow older and mature we must realize that we have to write only good things. It gives  pain to erasers that are our parents and teachers getting smaller and smaller each day .

   We must strive to make the erasers live longer and try to write only good things in the sheet of life.

Sr.Ligy Plathottathil

Principal, St.Joseph Convent School