St.Joseph Convent School (CBSE) , Bilakhed

St.Joseph Convent School (CBSE) , Bilakhed

  Affiliated to CBSE – DELHI  No.- 1130185

School Code  No.- 30134

                    Admission are for Grade Nursery to VII for year 2023.

                    Admission forms are available in the office .


ST. JOSEPH our heavenly patron bless and protect us; keep us always in the right way and guide us to the truth that alone can enrich our life.

The motto of the school inscribed in the emblem Educate -> Motivate -> and Illuminate. Vidya [Knowledge] is divine and salvific in so far as it is for the integral development of the person and the human society as a whole. Education brings the best in him/her. School thus becomes the field where the students try and hear and move ahead so as to finally succeed in life. 


Academic year 2022-23

Encouranging, supporative and humane facillitator in teaching learning situations who enables students to discover their talents to realized their physical and intellectual potentialities to the fullest, to develope character and disriable social and humane values to function us responsible citizens.

Cbse exam

CBSE Board 

10th Board

Grade X 2023-24 these year three divisions are their.

Latest Update

New academic year is open for Grade I to X from 1 April 2023.

Latest Update

Now we prepared the programme of Maharashtra Din 1 May.

Latest Update

Grade III to IX Annual Examination over now they have vaccations from 15th Feb to 26th March.

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Avila Kindergarten students Enjoyed their holidays.

Latest Update

Grade I to X PT 1 examination starts from 2 May 2023.

Latest Update

Best Wishesh and God’s Blessing for all students.

Respected Parents, Teachers and my beloved students.

Greetings from Sr.Ligy Plathottathil


When we aim at giving values to children we are parents to them. Our endeavour is to deal with questions that may crop up from time to time, to create a conflict in mind. Conflicts disable mental growth and sweep the children towards instability. We dont want children to lurk in the darkness. Therefore we strive to enlighten their minds with the torch that guides them through life.

              School education lays the foundation for the future of the students and ensures a stable, successful and satisfied life. St.Joseph Convent School is well aware of the importance and significance of different stages of students life and the activities of the school are planned to identify and nurture their inherent talents. Teaching and learning process is mainly child cenetered and targets to prepare every individual for their career and to acquire life skills. The school activities are planned and prepared meticulously, giving equal importance to academics, co-curricular and extra-curricular activities. These activities are strategically implemented to ensure the overall development of the students. The school is well equipped with the state of the art facilities and an excellent infrastructure which provides an ideal and safe environment for teaching and learning.

               I feel proud to express that the school is performing extremely well in all the aspects to ensure academic and human excellence.

             The clear vision of the management, the systematic approach and implementation of the activites by the administration, commintment and dedication of the teaching and non-teaching staff,cooperation of parents and the hard work of the students, together has branded the St,Joseph Convent School  as a centre of academic excellence our journey towards excellence continues….. 

Sr.Ligy Plathottathil

Principal, St.Joseph Convent School